In Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe has desperately tried to expand Obamacare in the commonwealth only to be blocked by Republicans in the state legislature. In response, McAuliffe made Obamacare a campaign issue along with gun control, hoping to inspire liberals to come out and vote for his team and issues.

Instead, voters went to the polls and rejected McAuliffe and ended the idea of expanding Obamacare in the state.

In Kentucky, Democrats have long championed the state as a model for Obamacare. But Matt Bevin rejected those talking points and openly campaigned against President Obama’s health care plan. Voters elected Bevin with an eight point margin of victory and, with him, the state’s first black Lieutenant Governor, who is also a woman and a Republican.

Obamacare continues to be a loser for Democrats nationwide. Since Obamacare was passed, the Republicans have returned to Governors’ Mansions in New England and control roughly two-thirds of state legislative chambers. Everywhere Obamacare is used by the GOP against the Democrats, the GOP wins.

But the media and the Democrats continue to push out talking points claiming everything is just fine and everyone loves Obamacare. The voters beg to differ.