Over at the Washington Examiner, Phil Klein points out what should be the scariest polling for the Democrats.

The poll was “released on Monday, taken by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research on behalf of several liberal groups, should be seen as so troubling for Democrats.” It shows that Democratic voters just are not that excited about Campaign 2016 and Hillary Clinton.

Though, on the surface, it points to a real opportunity for Democrats to retake control of the Senate, beneath the surface it shows a lack of interest among millennials, unmarried women and minorities relative to the interest being shown from more traditional Republican voting blocs.

Specifically, 71 percent of seniors said they were “extremely interested” in the presidential election; 70 percent of conservatives and 70 percent of Republicans said the same. In contrast, just 65 percent of Democrats, 63 percent of minorities, 60 percent of unmarried women and 42 percent of millenials said they were “extremely interested.”

Democrats have been consoling themselves looking at the Electoral College insisting that Hillary Clinton’s election is inevitable based on demographics. But demographics are not destiny and there are few inevitable things in American politics.

In 2008, Democrats were more energized than Republicans. The energy number tends to be a harbinger of what is to come. Every cheap political analyst on television divides up the electorate based on demographics and says things like X% of hispanics need to vote GOP or X% of white voters must vote Democrat.

In reality, people must get their butts to the polls to vote. And voters not energized just mind find that their nails need serious attention on election day and stay home to paint them. The Democrats have blessed themselves with a candidate less exciting than navel lint, so good luck next year.