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The ratings for my radio show continue to go up with a cumulative listening audience exceeding the same for a number of syndicated radio shows. I want to keep expanding what we do in the radio program as I put piece in place for both a new radio website and an expanded radio presence in the future.

One of the ideas has been a focus group of voters. I am working with a pollster to develop some questions to build a focus group. You can participate in the poll, but we are looking for Georgians to participate in the focus group.

Essentially, in a few weeks I will send out a survey and from that build a focus group of approximately forty people who will join me for a live broadcast in Atlanta at my studio.

To participate, you need to sign up for my daily radio show notes. Do that by going here. Note that you will get a confirmation email verifying you want to subscribe.

You’ll start getting my daily show notes in a about two weeks you’ll get a link to a survey. We will use that survey to formulate the focus group. Thanks for your consideration.

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