It is just the simple truth. Barack Obama’s strategy against ISIS involved spending millions to train five soldiers and fret about global warming.

Donald Trump’s strategy is to bomb the “s–t” out of them, a strategy currently being employed by France.

Yes, there are lefties out there patting themselves on the back that the President sent a few drones and missiles over to the Middle East to tickle ISIS, but our attacks have done little to contain a threat the President himself thinks is contained.

Donald Trump knows better and has spoken of ISIS repeatedly making sure we realize he is under no delusion that ISIS is contained.

Turns out that a man willing to bomb the “s–t” out of ISIS probably has a better strategy than an effete mom jeans wearing failed community organizing former pot head. And above all else, Barack Obama’s complacency has allowed Vladimir Putin to be a butt pirate to his “leading from behind” strategy. Donald Trump would never do that either.