WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 21: New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg addresses staff members of The World Bank on issues of urbanization in the Preston Auditorium of The World Bank building February 21, 2008 in Washington, DC. Bloomberg's presentation, "Building Better Cities: New York's Experience in Urban Transformation," emphasized management as a key to successful city-building in both developing and developed countries. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Bloomberg Group Claims “Gun Violence” Was the Cause of the Paris Deaths

These people are children.

Some of the terrorists exploded themselves, not with guns, but with bombs. But this is what we get from Mike Bloomberg and the loony left. They are children who can only ask “are we there yet” repeatedly until they’ve taken all our guns away.

These people really will not let even a terrorist attack stop them from nonsense.

If they want to go there, then we should remember this line from President Obama:

Yes, the talking point from the left has been that we need to confiscate guns from the American public and be more like France. Well, hello there.

I would note that many of the people who’ve been loudest about confiscating our guns and about mass shootings have been strangely quiet about the issue over the last few days.