Again, if a Republican loved him some Nazi sympathizers, the media would be going nuts right now in a race to beat each other’s coverage. But Democrats coddle genocidal tyrants and the media turns a blind eye.

Sanders honeymooned in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a barbaric construct that was less a nation than a collection of gulags and mass graves masquerading as a country. To lend support to that Evil Empire – and that is exactly what it was before Reagan broke its accursed neck – is a moral failure of epic proportions. Not to mention that, at the time Sanders was sucking up to it, it was America’s sworn enemy. I know – I sat on the free side of the Iron Curtain in uniform prepared to die in place holding its hordes back in the event they decided to cross into West Germany.

That dirtbag Sanders, by the way, was a secular conscientious objector during Vietnam. He objected both to fighting for his country and to fighting against America’s – and humanity’s – socialist enemies. So let’s throw cowardice into the mix too. In other words, he’s the perfect Democrat.

And the Pol Pot thickens….

This is par for the course for a press that is willing to give Barack Obama passes on things George W. Bush would have never gotten a pass on. The latest exihibit is the bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan where fleeing civilians were killed as they ran away.

If the President were George W. Bush, the media would be talking about this as Afghanistan’s Abu Ghraib.

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