Anti-Gun Michael Bloomberg Targets Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi


The man who would confiscate all your guns and throw you in jail for drinking a large drink, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is using his money to run against against Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

Attorney General Bondi has dared to resist Obama Administration environmental regulations that would devastate the energy industry and force us to rely on wind power and solar power, which when last we did it was called the Dark Ages.

The Attorney General has joined a majority of the other states’ attorneys general to sue the EPA over the regulations. Bloomberg has decided to spend money against four of them — four he thinks can be beaten. They are the attorneys general of Florida, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin.

What’s so amazing is that Bloomberg’s political action committee has declared these four men and women are “directly interfering with the public interests in their state.” Never mind that they are elected and Bloomberg is a nanny state Pol Pot from New York City.

It is the attorneys general’s job to deal with the public interests of their states, but Bloomberg disagrees so he is going to try to interfere with them doing their jobs. It really is the height of hypocrisy from a man who flies his private plane where ever he wants, whenever he wants.

You just remember that Bloomberg and his ilk want the poor to pay higher prices for power. He can afford it and does not care about those who cannot.

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