The Left has not only spent a day calling me a coward for not wanting to go to Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night after Paris, but also implying that I want Barack Obama to protect me.

Heck no. I not only think the President does not want to keep any of us safe, I don’t think he or his Administration is able to keep us safe.

The point is that the opening night of the biggest movie premiere in history is a soft target of masses of Americans in dark theaters that have no-gun policies and no metal detectors. Most law abiding citizens won’t take their guns with them, but the bad guys would. Honestly, given the TV cameras that will already be present, etc. opening night of this movie is an obvious target. It has nothing to do with cowardice and everything to do with common sense.

After the Dark Knight Rises shooting, I was perfectly happy going on to the theater opening weekend. It was one nutter in Aurora, CO. But now we’re dealing not with crazy people, but with zealots who want jihad. There’s a big difference.

But, my caveat is, I’d feel perfectly comfortable going to the theater with my gun. In fact, I suspect many Americans will show up with their guns concealed anyway.

Go read my thoughts at IJ Review on this issue. I want to take my gun to Star Wars.