A Brief Look at the Survey Data So Far


I sent out a survey to my readers and listeners on Monday morning at 9am. There have been 8,121 responses so far. The survey will be used to help form some panels of voters for radio shows in the near future.

So far, here’s what interests me.

Ted Cruz is leading everyone.

Right now, overall, Ted Cruz is at 52%, Trump is at 15.5%, and Rubio is at 10.8%.

Among women, Cruz is at 53% with Trump and Rubio holding roughly their same positions.

Among men, Cruz is at 50% with Trump at 15% and Rubio at 12%.

It is not really statistically different, but interesting nonetheless that among women, Cruz does even better.

But you want the most interesting data?

Among Republicans who consider themselves “pro-choice” on abortion — there were only 450 of those — Donald Trump leads with 31% of the vote with Ted Cruz in second place. But, pro-choice female voters like Cruz over Trump 36% to 30%.

These are things I never expected. The survey, so you know, is being conducted by Survey Monkey among readers of my radio website and listeners of my radio show nationally.

Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania make up the bulk of votes in the raw data.

Interestingly, I asked voters if they had to choose between Trump and Carson, who would they pick. 60.77% said Carson.

I’ll have a more detailed survey breakdown later this week.

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