Donald Trump wrote The Art of the Deal. He literally wrote the best selling book on cutting business deals. And John Boehner just handed Barack Obama a sweetheart deal that undercuts the Republicans.

Republicans in the House and Senate are already complaining that John Boehner and, to a lesser extent, Mitch McConnell have betrayed them and given the Democrats much of what they wanted.

Again, Donald Trump wrote The Art of the Deal. Say what you will about the man, he knows how to negotiate. The Republican base is already livid with John Boehner and Boehner just handed Donald Trump a perfect opportunity to show how much better at negotiating he is than the rest of the Republicans.

It is a talking point that will be particularly timely for the Republican debate on the economy on Wednesday night where Trump, from center stage in Colorado, can bash Boehner and the GOP leaders over what terrible negotiators they are. This new deal will be Exhibit A.

Donald Trump should send John Boehner flowers. Like George W. Bush attacking Ted Cruz, Trump could not have scripted a better moment to shine.