As a native of Louisiana, our politics are nothing if not exciting. And now David Vitter, who was at the center of a prostitution scandal some years ago, has had a new prostitute show up to claim they had an affair and, making it ever more salacious, that she got pregnant and David Vitter encouraged her to get an abortion.

What makes this story most salacious is that David Vitter is currently the front runner in the Louisiana gubernatorial election. He has worked very hard to avoid all questions about his past conduct, this relationship, and has tried even to steer clear of debates.

After the story was published, a second story came out highlighting inconsistencies in the (ex) prostitute’s story.

[She] has an extensive criminal record (including forgery and theft) and has made prior inconsistent statements that undercut her overall credibility. She did pass a polygraph test in 2007 that reportedly verified her having a sexual relationship for “at least four months” with Vitter. Vitter in 2007 denied all stories relating to prostitutes in New Orleans, but he has since refused to discuss anything related to the woman’s claims, including the polygraph or Berry’s recent online story.

So perhaps Vitter gets off the hook on this one. Except, this time the ex-prostitute has gone on video. And in going on video she has some pretty specific accusations and staff names.

Wendy Ellis on Vitter denial from Jason Berry on Vimeo.

The Louisiana election is coming up quickly, more than 30% are undecided, and this could have an impact. But, given her past and that Vitter’s past is a known commodity, he may get by. Still, it seems getting into a runoff this is just a bomb waiting to explode.