The Endgame is Ted Cruz vs. Marco Rubio


More than a month ago, I told you it would be Cruz vs. Rubio as the end result of the great sorting into the primaries.

It is becoming more and more obvious to people.

Put it to you this way — Ted Cruz got only about 7 minutes of speaking time at the CNBC debate and also had very little time in the Fox News Debate. But like the Fox debate, everybody is still talking about Ted Cruz’s attack on the media on stage in Boulder.

Surprisingly, Carly Fiorina got the most time, but I think had a less than memorable performance. She certainly got in some great lines, but I was shocked to find out she got the most speaking time because I could barely remember much of her encounters with the moderators.

Rubio kneecapped Jeb Bush and showed he was great on defense as well as on offense. He turned a number of questions around and every attack the moderators threw at him made him seem even more relatable.

Cruz, for his part, did not have a wasted word. Every word had weight and every encounter was memorable despite only 7 minutes of talk time.

I think Ben Carson came up short and I think Trump continues to fade though, to his credit, it was Donald Trump’s best debate performance. As Carson and Trump decline, I think Rubio and Cruz benefit. When Bush drops out, Rubio benefits more.

At the end of the debate, these two men were the clear winners and won so clearly that more and more people are starting to arrive at the position I came to more than a month ago. We are headed to Cruz v. Rubio.

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