The Bush Brothers Road Show Is a Mistake

“About the only way for the Bush family to hurt Donald Trump at this point is for Jeb Bush to withdraw from the race.”

I get frequently criticized for not being hard on Jeb Bush. RedState is accused of being JebState by Trump supporters. I’ve stated repeatedly that Jeb Bush is not my first, second, or even third choice for the nomination, but I think Jeb Bush was both a very conservative governor and is a very, very nice and decent person.

But I think the Bush Brothers Road Show is a mistake. God bless this family of patriots and statesmen, but the Republican Party has decided at the grassroots level that it is time to move in a new direction.

Personally, at an existential level, I think it is not a good sign of health for our republic that twenty-four years after President George H. W. Bush left office and eight years after President George W. Bush left office, the American republic can find no new leaders not named Bush or Clinton to run the republic. That signals very bad health for the republic at a national leadership level.

Beyond that, though, Jeb Bush and George Bush teaming up — great and kind men that they are — is just another reminder to a Republican base already in revolt that they need to keep up the revolt. Taking shots at Donald Trump by the Bush family is more likely to cause base level conservatives to rally around Trump than move on.

I know the Bush family must show its donor network they still have what it takes. They need to reassure people who have given millions. But I think the roadshow of the Bush Brothers emboldens their opponents more than their supporters and emboldens one opponent more than most — Donald Trump.

In trying to hurt Trump, they’re just going to help him. About the only way for the Bush family to hurt Donald Trump at this point is for Jeb Bush to withdraw from the race. That’s just a fact.

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