Paul Ryan Wants House Conservatives To Sign Their Own Death Warrant


Paul Ryan has conditions to become Speaker of the House. One of those conditions is that the House of Representatives gut the ability to remove a future Speaker.

You read that right. Paul Ryan wants the House of Representatives to neuter the ability of a majority to replace the Speaker of the House.

House conservatives would be insane to agree to these terms. Ryan is actually promising very little by way of specifics. Instead, he wants a unanimous election and then he will go into details. Put another way, Paul Ryan wants to get elected after it is made impossible to get rid of him, then he will really get into specifics.

Amnesty anyone?

This would be a terrible, terrible deal for House Conservatives. It would gut their ability to pull the House Republicans to the right.

If they go along with Paul Ryan, they will sign their own death warrant at the hands of Paul Ryan’s loyal lieutenants. Remember, Ryan has not even denounced the Chamber of Commerce and John Boehner’s outside PAC who together are trying to purge the House of conservatives.

Surely the House Freedom Caucus members cannot be this stupid. Surely . . .

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