Paul Ryan Stars as John Boehner’s Weak Sister


This is getting pathetic.

All the smart thinking people want Paul Ryan to run for Speaker while he is thus far going full Sherman opposing a run. If the man does not want to run that strongly, it seems silly to push him to do something he does not want to do.

But along the way, he is coming across as John Boehner’s even weaker sister.

The Chamber of Commerce has metaphorical political assassination money it is raising to target conservative politicians who might dare hurt poor little Eddie Munster’s Paul Ryan’s feelings.

Conservatives are being cast as bullies against the potentially first bro Speaker. How dare they make life difficult for poor little Paulie.

The hysteria in Washington among elite Republican pundits who long ago decided to put party ahead of principle has hit peak condescension. Paul Ryan apparently cannot get the Speakership in his own right, but must be bullied and begged into taking it while at the same time is so sensitive and weak he might be bullied by some conservative Congressmen.

This is really embarrassing.

Either Paul Ryan wants it or does not want it. But the revelations of just how badly others want Paul Ryan to want it is a damning indictment of the political class.

I expect at a minimum some of these pundits will start mailing their Depends to Paul Ryan. It is a logical extension of their fanboy zeal to make a man Speaker who does not want to be Speaker. They rationalize that this means he will make an excellent Speaker when, in reality, it means he’ll resent those who put him there, be perceived as bought and paid for, and suggest that he is John Boehner’s weaker sister who can be more easily bullied, but also must be more heavily protected.

They’ll say he is doing it for the good of the country when, in reality, he would have never had to be pressured into it if it was for the good of the country. Well, that or he has really bad instincts on what is for the good of the country. Either way this whole thing with the begging and pleading is starting to look pathetic and highly, highly self-interested.

If Paul Ryan takes it, I give the mainstream media six months before they start running “coin operated Speaker” stories with all this.

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