Friends of Paul Ryan’s are no longer making phone calls to urge Paul Ryan to get in the race for Speaker. Instead, they are making phone calls to make sure others will support him. That’s a clear indication that Paul Ryan has decided he will run for Speaker of the House.

This appears to be a done deal. Paul Ryan will be Speaker of the House.

Concurrent to this, does McCarthy stay? If there was something big enough to keep him from being Speaker, why would he stay on as Majority Leader? I suspect we may see a big shake up in House leadership coming.

[UPDATED] Overnight I talked to a congressman who is convinced that Ryan is getting in after having contact with Ryan. Later on, I talked to another who had the same impression. But it appears Ryan either wants to be drafted or really does not want the job. Either way, he is continuing to take a wait and see approach in public.

Likewise, I continue to hear the rumor that McCarthy will leave altogether, but who knows. Right now this is a feeding frenzy and every rumor is being treated as real.

[UPDATED at 12pm on October 9]: Ryan’s office still says he is not interested.