I don’t think we really are red states and blue states any more. In fact, I cannot tell you want either party really stands for any more other than rewarding their own side’s campaign contributors. Democrats and Republicans alike have been growing government and ignoring their voters.

For the past couple of years I’ve seen it less and less as a red vs. blue paradigm and more as conservatives vs. the world. Our ideas are winners, but we are on the outside even within the Republican Party. A number of conversations in the past two years have got me thinking and coming to terms with leaving RedState.

It finally hit me at some point that my radio platform is growing. The radio company wants me to have a radio website. I thought instead of entering into a partnership with them that I should do it myself. I have things I really want to do — things I could not do at RedState.

I really want to build a new site for activists, tied into my radio show and television presence with news, information, opinion, analysis and, eventually, other voices too. I want it to focus less on the daily red vs. blue dynamic and more on resurgent conservatives, families, faith, and culture. Those are themes I regularly hit on radio and in my writings.

So that’s where I’m headed. This site will eventually become my full time home and I intend to integrate it as best I can into both radio and television. I have some big ideas, but they cost a good chunk of change. A few months ago, based on the generosity of readers, I was able to hire someone to help me start this transition and lend a hand with figuring out the integration of radio and the web.

More of you have reached out since the news broke yesterday. If you are willing an able, I thank you and appreciate it. You can contribute with the form below or go here.

I cannot wait to unveil to you what I have in mind for a new online radio community revolving around you guys and our shared commitment to resurgent conservative principles.