Back in the 1990’s there were a few dozen Republican members of Congress who had the awesome power to block and obstruct Republican leaders’ moves to cut spending, rein in Planned Parenthood, and otherwise restrict government. Congressman Chris Shays was one of the ringleaders of the movement.

During the Gingrich turmoil, it was actually the moderate Republicans who worked to save Gingrich. The conservatives were ready to throw him overboard, but the moderates slowed things down. These members were routinely praised by the press as being helpful anchors keeping the GOP from drifting to the right.

They were feted on television news programs as “adults in the room” and “reasonable.” Every time they blocked the GOP from reducing the size of government, they were lionized as saving children from starving. These twenty or so members could collaborate with Democrats and block the GOP.

But House Republicans bent over backwards to work with them. They wanted to keep those liberal congressmen happy.

Now the roles are reversed. There are forty Republican congressmen anchoring the GOP from drifting leftward and the media and Republican leaders are losing their business about it.

McCarthy is blaming conservatives for his withdrawing from the race. The media has declared the House ungovernable because of conservative. Peter King, no friend of conservatives, claims members were crying. They’re being held hostage by these awful conservative tyrants.

Again, back in the 90’s when it was liberal Republicans doing this, no one in the press or leadership cried foul. They just do not like it when Republicans, having run as conservatives, are now being held to their promises by members with enough clout to grind things to a halt in the name of doing the right thing.