The media has thus far played Campaign 2016 masterfully from their own perspective. We’ve seen the highs and lows of the Republican Primary season. For several months now, CNN and the like have given us the Donald Trump story. They’ve covered his speeches well past even covering comparable Obama speeches in 2007. He has benefited from that exposure.

But now the media is moving on. CNN even has a spare podium just in case Joe Biden shows up. Biden, it seems, is going to benefit in the way Trump has benefited. The media seems set for a Biden Watch. They’ll give up regular updates on whether he is in or not.

I suspect pretty soon MSNBC will be burning smoke at their studio. Black smoke will appear every day until Joe Biden gets in and then they’ll fire up the white smoke as if we have a new Pope. The media has gotten bored with the Republican Primary. Scott Walker and Rick Perry have already gone home and Trump isn’t generating the ratings he once was.

So it is time for the media to turn the nation’s attention to the Democratic Primary. Hillary is floundering and flip-flopping. The New York Post has out a salacious story about her temperament and her losing control. USA Today is upset by how she is conducting herself. Hillary “could have a meltdown” an insider tells the New York Post.

The media is bored. The GOP is in status quo. So it is time to shake up the Democratic nomination process. We all like to think that this is about democracy and about us. We all like to think it is the voters deciding these things. But really it is about ratings points, market share, and media executives bored. That is really Campaign 2016. Surprise.

Joe Biden is going to seriously benefit from this.