It is now called “sensible conservatism” by those who want to expand the size and scope of the federal government.

The American Spectator (!!!) is running a love letter to John Kasich in which it champions his increases in medicaid funding in Ohio as “sensible” and “compassionate.”

It also claims that Kasich is not a micro-manager, which is laughable to anyone who has ever dealt with John Kasich.

Kasich expanded Obama in Ohio in the name of Jesus Christ — seriously. He overruled his legislature, which thought it was a bad idea, then kicked cans far down the road so he will not have to deal with the financial fall out.

Now you have some alleged conservatives falling all over themselves telling the world how great Kasich is. Meanwhile, for those of us paying attention, Kasich has surrounded his Presidential team with staff who hate the GOP and support big government initiatives.

If Kasich is the Presidential or Vice Presidential nominee, I will not vote for the GOP.