[I]f you support the Second Amendment you need to stand with conservatives to support the filibuster.

Governor Bobby Jindal has jumped on the bandwagon to kill the filibuster. This is insanity. It is probably the first time I disagree with him.

The filibuster is as much a protection of conservative interests as it is a protection of minority interests. How quickly the majority forgets. Republicans made great use of the filibuster in past years to stymie efforts by Democrats to advance a leftwing agenda.

The political map right now shows the GOP is in danger of losing its Senate majority next year. From gun rights to taxes to immigration — you name it, the filibuster is the last line of defense from a Washington, D.C. that listens to lobbyists, not the people. The filibuster does not, as Bobby Jindal contends, serve as “a large obstacle to good governance.” It serves as an obstacle to pay-to-play politics and as an obstacle to a well meaning group of legislators whittling down the rights of the American people.

The filibuster is not a partisan issue at this point. It has been used by Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and yes even the Democrats to hinder legislation. We may not like it when the Democrats play by those rules, but without those rules Rand Paul would have been unable to put an effective spotlight on national securities issues, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee would have been unable to put a spotlight on spending issues, and Republicans long ago would have had to yield to ever more restrictive gun legislation.

In fact, if you support the Second Amendment you need to stand with conservatives to support the filibuster. As the left begins a never-ending drumbeat against gun rights, a drumbeat that has already picked up the support of some Republicans, only the filibuster is stopping ever more expansive gun control legislation.

The Democrats got rid of the filibuster over judicial appointments. Republicans should not in turn get rid of the last line of defense. If the Democrats do it, so be it. But for Republicans to do it right now just so they can pass legislation for Obama to veto is cutting off their nose to spite their face. Ending the filibuster would not end the constitutional requirement for a two-thirds vote on a veto override.

This is silly, should not be taken seriously, and Republicans are idiots if they want to get rid of the filibuster.