Barack Obama: Enemy of Christianity


Oh I’m sure some people are going to be outraged at me by saying that. Except it was not me. It was all but said by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk to the participants at the Synod on the Family in the Vatican.

Metropolitan Hilarion is from the Russian Orthodox Church and addressed the assembled clerics at the synod. In his address, he included this bit:

The authorities of some European countries and America, in spite of numerous protests, including those by Catholics, continue to advocate policies aimed at the destruction of the very concept of the family. They not only on the legislative level equate of the status of the same-sex unions to that of marriage but also criminally persecute those who out of their Christian convictions refuse to register such unions. Immediately after the departure of Pope Francis from the USA, President Barack Obama openly declared that gay rights are more important than religious freedom. This clearly testifies to the intention of the secular authorities to continue their assault on those healthy forces in society which defend traditional family values.

You can deny the implication all you want and you will be wrong. But before you decide this is just Russian propaganda, consider his overall message. He actually called on the Catholic Church to be as Catholic in their doctrine as possible to uphold the family.

That wasn’t Russian propaganda. It was a strongly orthodox . . . well . . . Orthodox priest calling out the President of the United States for telling Pope Francis to his face that the President values religious freedom only to openly decare “that gay rights are more important than religious freedom” after the Pope left U.S. airspace.

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