Another Reason Bobby Jindal Should Be On The Main Debate Stage


I continue to be appalled that Bobby Jindal is not on the main debate stage with the other candidates. He is doing it again — proposing actual substance and thinking out of the box. This time it is his tax plan. Jindal has a serious proposal that would actually require everyone to pay something into the system, even those who still wind up getting more back.

A lot of the Republican candidates want fewer people on the tax rolls.

Mr. Jindal takes a different tack on taxes than his GOP rivals, particularly those looking to shield more Americans from paying federal income taxes at all, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and real-estate developer Donald Trump. Mr. Bush would nearly double the standard deduction and estimates under his plan that roughly 15 million additional Americans would “no longer bear any income-tax liability.”

I think it is a travesty that CNBC is further restricting the debate stage at a point candidates are already starting to drop out. I think the American people deserve to hear from Jindal who, by the way, is the only candidate to aggressively stand up to Trump.

The two-term Governor of Louisiana deserves to be heard instead of shuffled off to a kids’ table with little media coverage and no viewers.

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