Another Leap of Faith


I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while.

So many of you have asked for a while now why I was building up my radio email list when I already have RedState.

Well, back in June I decided it was time to leave RedState. I announced it on the front page of the RedState earlier today.

Truth be told, I thought I had another month to tell all of you. But someone leaked an internal memo to the press and I figure I might as well fess up now. Yes, I am leaving RedState to focus on this radio show of mine. The show continues to grow in audience and is very clearly my future (until Fox gives me my cooking show on the weekends).

I’ll stay on the payroll at RedState till the end of the year and then if you want my daily news, this website and my daily radio email are all you’ll get — well, this and my radio show.

So, while I am not out of RedState yet, will become more and more my home. I’ll also have my weekly syndicated column, Fox appearances, fill in opportunities for Rush, etc.

In the meantime, this is really a leap of faith for me. I believe I’ll be able to get my radio site off the ground and earn from it the income I’ll be giving up from RedState. I obviously do not relish giving up income with a wife and kids to take care of. But I also know I cannot keep dividing my time between the radio website my radio masters want me to have and my job at RedState.

So here goes a leap of faith and your prayers are greatly appreciated. Please also bookmark, which I hope to relaunch more formally in January. And if you’re feeling generous and want to help that endeavor, go here.

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