“And your little dog too!”


I’m just going to say this for everyone.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have annoying, grating voices. I say this as someone who thinks his own voice is annoying, but geez these two. Every time Hillary Clinton spoke last night I expected her to end by cackling, “And your little dog too!”

I do not know that we can suffer through four years of her voice without stabbing out our ear drums.

And it is a really damning indictment of the whole Democratic field that Hillary Clinton came across as the likable, responsible, reasonable adult on stage who even defended capitalism and the United States. That was striking. Don’t get me wrong. I do not think she is likable, reasonable, or responsible, but in contrast to the four men on stage, she sure came across that way.

Her demeanor on stage helped her. Having gone through Presidential debates before showed. She was the only one with a real stage presence who turned and looked at the other candidates, nodded along with them, etc.

But I just cannot imagine anyone wants to listen to that voice for four years. And no, that’s not sexist. I said the same thing about John McCain.

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