Where Do Walker Donors Go?


Just a quick funny story.

On September 17th, I put up this tweet:

It is a rumor I had heard from multiple, unrelated sources.

It is also a rumor that caused me to spend a good bit of time later that night on the phone with people close to Scott Walker.

Notice I never mentioned the campaign I was talking about. In fact, I’m not even sure the rumor is true. In fact, the Walker people gave a full throated denial. But there was something going on. His donors were really, really unhappy with Walker’s staff and Walker’s performance and wanted something done.

I spent that night and the next day talking to some of Walker’s more prominent supporters. To a person, they were all for Rubio second and many of them were headed that way after Walker’s debate performance.

I suspect that will hold and many, though not all, of Walker’s donors will go with Marco Rubio next.

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