There is So Much Wrong Here


This is not to fault the way Page Six and the New York Post reported this. It has everything to do with just how terrible the American news industry is. In a story about David Muir, there is this nugget:

Industry insiders point out that Muir had to do the interview because ABC political top dog George Stephanopoulos couldn’t quiz Hillary after his donation to the Clinton Foundation was revealed, sparking questions about his impartiality. ABC insists Stephanopoulos will still lead their 2016 coverage.

Got that?

George Stephanopoulos could not interview Hillary Clinton after his donation sparked “questions about his impartiality” according to “industry insiders.”

So working for the Clintons all those years wasn’t a problem. It was just the donation that caused questions about impartiality. Riiigggghhhhtttttt.

This is exactly why no one trusts the media and the industry insiders who make the calls.

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