The Planned Parenthood Shutdown


Stop what you are doing and go read this from Ben Domenech on the coming September 30th deadline for Congress to deal with Planned Parenthood.

This is one of those pieces I wish I had written. He is spot on and everyone, regardless of your politics, should read it. One of the big points to pay attention to is the media.

But the worst bind of all is actually the one group I haven’t mentioned yet: the media. The media loves to engage in shutdown watches – they think it reveals Republican anti-government nihilism at its worst, and they are typically gleeful about the possibilities of such fights. Except oddly enough, they aren’t talking much about this atom bomb that everyone sees tick tick ticking away on September 30th.

Why is that? Isn’t it obvious? For the media to play up this shutdown fight, as is their nature, they first have to explain what the controversy is all about. And that is the last thing they want to do. An explanation means giving pro-lifers a huge platform to message on Planned Parenthood.


Go read the whole thing and you should be subscribed to the Transom anyway.

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