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I have noticed in the past 4 months or so that New York Times breaking news alerts get to my iPhone quicker than any other news outlet. But today I had to turn them off. I rely on the push notifications for breaking news.

I still, at RedState, get up five mornings of the week at 4 o’clock in the morning to check for breaking news items. If they are there, I have to amend the Morning Briefing, which I’ve started compiling before I go to bed. If there is no breaking news, I can let it go without changes. Otherwise, I have to make the change.

Today, the New York Times got itself taken out of my notifications. It decided that instead of breaking news, I needed to know this:

IMG 2709

Seriously. That warranted an alert? The answer is no, which is why the New York Times will not be sending me any more push notifications.

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