John Boehner has a Jesus complex. Last week, he told America he was resigning to save his institution. Then he gave a weekend interview where he warned of false prophets peddling false hopes to the GOP.

The reality is that John Boehner surveyed the House and knew he had lost. He did not have the votes to stay as Speaker of the House and he quit, throwing tomatoes at conservatives on the way out the door.

The false prophets who gave false hope are the guys like Boehner who relied on tea party energy to get themselves into power only to shut out conservatives from the process. They campaigned on stopping Obamacare only to fund it. They campaigned on stopping amnesty only to go along with it. They campaigned on checking Presidential power only to give the President a blank check.

Under John Boehner’s leadership, the House of Representatives surrendered the power of the purse to the President and, in the name of being liked, refused to fight.

John Boehner is leaving Congress because he tried to hard to be liked by Washington that he wound up being hated by his own members.

The party out of power always has a hard time. They have no leader to rally around. John Boehner not only failed to be that leader, he systematically tried to undermine anyone who stood up to lead. Now he leaves claiming he did so to save the institution, but along the way surrendered the institution’s checkbook and put the institution ahead of the country and ahead of the nation’s children.

John Boehner isn’t Jesus. Jesus turned over the money changers tables. In the end, the money changers were the only people Boehner was willing to give a seat at the table.