Three card monty is the card game where the con man shuffles the cards around trying to get you to pick the same card he first showed you. It is a game of distraction, a hustle, and a con. It is what John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy are engaging in right now. House conservatives should take notice.

Speaker Boehner has signaled his resignation at the end of the month — Halloween. His trick is to give the left a treat. He wants to fund Planned Parenthood, reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, and grow the size and scope of the federal government.

But John Boehner needs House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to do it. They are engaging in a game of “all powerful Speaker,” where Kevin McCarthy can claim “deep regret” that the Speaker has advanced the left’s agenda on the way out the door. But take a gander at this Congressional Research Service report on the role of the House Majority Leader, which is McCarthy’s present position.

From an institutional perspective, the majority leader has a number of duties.
Scheduling floor business is a prime responsibility of the majority leader. Although
scheduling the House’s business is a collective activity of the majority party, the
majority leader has a large say in shaping the chamber’s overall agenda and in
determining when, whether, how, or in what order legislation is taken up.

Got that?

If the Export-Import Bank gets reauthorized, if Planned Parenthood gets funded, and if the government continues to grow it will be because Kevin McCarthy turned a blind eye and got the legislation to the floor of the House where John Boehner could then rely on Democrat votes.

House conservatives are being played the fool by McCarthy and Boehner both in this. The question is whether they are willing to show themselves for fools. After all, they’re going to have to vote for McCarthy for Speaker or not.