How dare he.

Pope Francis took to the House of Representatives and told them they should end the death penalty. He even tried to intervene in a death penalty case in Georgia.

He spoke on global warming and the evils of rampant capitalism.

He danced around the issue of abortion and the issue of gay marriage, mentioning both subtly, unlike the very direct calls on global warming and the death penalty.

The left cheered him on the whole time. The left cheered on President Obama too for forcing Francis to meet with transgendered activists, gay rights activists, and abortion activists.

Well, then the Pope did something that has turned the left against him completely. Howls of anger have risen from the left who only days before were celebrating this progressive Pope.

He dared to meet with Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk of Court who refused to sign off on gay marriage. He encouraged Kim Davis and called on public officials to allow government employees to keep their jobs without violating their conscience. He reiterated his position with reporters.

At first, a lot of people thought it was a joke. They thought a religious news site had picked up a parody story. But it turns out it is true. Off the books and unseen, Pope Francis met with Kim Davis and her husband in the Vatican’s Embassy in Washington.

The left feels betrayed.

What is so funny is that the left has said repeatedly that they love this Pope because he stands up for those who have been beaten down, attacked, and hated by so many in the church. All the people Christians are accused of hating, this Pope clearly loves.

But how dare that guy go pray with someone the left hates. The horde of tolerance is only tolerant over those who bow to their totalitarianism. The Pope did now. So he’s the enemy again to the left.

It really is amazing that all the good will the Pope earned with leftwing secularists who hate Jesus could vaporize the moment he met with a Christian trying to live out her new found faith in public. Actually, now that I think about it, it is not amazing at all. It is to be expected.

It also exposes the lie President Obama uttered to Pope Francis. Obama does not really believe Christians should be allowed to live out their faith in public.