Georgia Treated a Woman as Equally as a Man. Media Got Outraged


Shortly after midnight this morning, the state of Georgia executed Kelly Gissendaner for the murder of husband, Doug, twenty years ago.

Gissendaner had convinced her boyfriend to stab her husband to death with repeated stabs to the head and back. Both the boyfriend and Gissendander were offered a plea by the District Attorney. The boyfriend took it. Gissendaner refused, was found guilty, and was sentenced to death.

Kelly Gissendaner was the first woman executed in Georgia in seventy years. The media flew into hysterical outrage because of it. They demanded leniency because, in part, it was historic for a woman to be executed. You read that right. It became a commom meme in the media covering Kelly Gissendaner that because of her gender she should be spared.

Instead, Georgia treated Gissendaner with equality. Just as the state has executed a number of men, so too did the state execute her.

The other interesting thing is the media’s coverage of all the priests and pastors begging that Gissendaner be spared. Even Pope Francis intervened and the media thought that was a big deal and should give weight to sparing Gissendaner. What hypocrisy. If the Pope had weighed in supporting the Religious Freedom Restoration Act — as many pastors and priests have — the media would have portrayed them as bigots.

In fact, time and time again, the media has shown that it refused to hold itself to the standards it holds others. A woman should be treated equally until it is advantageous that she not be. Priests should be ignored because of the separation of church and state until they should be listened to.

It is all to advance a narrative and an agenda, not truth and not facts.

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