It was obvious to even Donald Trump supporters that he was out of his depth on Wednesday night in Simi Valley, CA. He did not have a grasp of issues and could not resort to rhetorical hyperbole to answer many of the questions.

Well, having shown himself shallow on Wednesday, Donald Trump was supposed to go to South Carolina tonight to answer questions at a forum put on by Heritage Action for America. The questions were guaranteed to be even more substantive because it is Heritage involved.

Suddenly, oh so suddenly, a YUGE business transaction has come up on a Friday night and Donald Trump has no one in a vast MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR organization to handle it for him.

So he must bail on the substantive questions in South Carolina to deal with this “business transaction.”

Hahahaha. Chicken.

The only thing funnier is that a bunch of Trump supporters are going to treat his excuse seriously.

Donald Trump may fight!!!!!!!!, but he can’t answer questions because he lacks the knowledge.