We have reached the point in Campaign 2016 when Republican Presidential candidates decide to play “Mr. Reasonable” wherein they genuflect before the American press corp telling the left-leaning Circle of Jerks what they want to hear.

John Kasich thinks that killing babies is wrong, but you, me, and every other taxpayer should keep paying for it because it is not worth risking a government shutdown to end selling children for scrap.

The Circle of Jerks goes blind.

And now here comes former Governor George Pataki who went on Meet the Press today to declare he’d never, ever, ever vote for Donald Trump.

I’d actually vote for Trump before I voted for Pataki and the difference between Trump and Pataki is that more people will have to ask themselves if they could vote for Trump than if they could vote for Pataki.

Time and time again, it is worth pointing out, Republicans like Pataki tell conservatives to suck it up and deal with the hand they’ve been dealt. But they repeatedly just walk off the field and vote Democrat.