First the New York Times ran a story claiming that Hillary Clinton might be under criminal investigation because of her emails. After furious push back from Team Clinton, the Times walked back the story. The feud with Clinton overshadowed a Wall Street Journal story saying basically the same thing.

Then Maureen Dowd pushed out a soft piece attacking Hillary and promoting Biden. Dowd clearly used Biden family sources in the piece. There was no way she otherwise got some of the information for her piece.

Now comes this story pushed out to iPhones, Apple Watches, and more as a New York Times exclusive alert.

According to the New York Times, Joe Biden is rethinking 2016 and considering it. He is, in the words of the Times, “Joe Biden Said to Be Taking New Look at Presidential Run”.

There is a steady drumbeat for Biden 2016. And the drum sound is coming from New York City. The New York Times realizes how vulnerable Hillary is and, to be honest, they’ve never liked her anyway.