Perhaps I am overly cynical, but when I heard that John Boehner referred to Ted Cruz as an “a–hole” at a fundraiser in Colorado, my first thought was that he knows the establishment’s goose is cooked. Between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, he’d prefer Cruz.

Boehner, to be sure, hates Ted Cruz. But he also knows the difference between Trump and Cruz is that Trump is, even now, pouring gasoline around the Capitol and White House waiting to strike a match. Cruz, for all of Boehner’s dislike of him, is the more reasonable of the two.

“We can do business with him,” Boehner thinks.

Boehner is, if nothing else, a survivor in politics. Caught on the wrong side of the Gingrich coup, he waited it all out, plotted slowly, and got himself into the Speaker’s chair. He knows with Trump, win or lose, the party is over. With Cruz, if Cruz wins the party might be able to repair itself and move on and if Cruz loses Boehner and his ilk can blame conservatives yet again.

So excuse my cynicism, but I think John Boehner, survivor in politics that he is, has finally had the survival skills kick in. He knows the best way to begin the shift from Trump is to start attacking Cruz, signaling that all the guys we all hate in turn hate Ted Cruz and the rest of us.

Boehner thinks he and the GOP can survive a Cruz nomination, so better make it clear to everyone who hates Boehner that yes, Boehner hates Ted Cruz. “Look at Cruz. Remember him. The Establishment hates him. So please, for the love of God, remember you can vote for Ted Cruz, not Trump. We hate his guts but is not crazy,” is what Boehner is thinking.

Then again, maybe I’m just too cynical.