Hitting the Brakes


I’ve been going at full steam for four weeks. I’ve been to Nashville, New York, Washington, Chicago, back and forth to Atlanta, over to Alexandria, LA, and headed back to New York on Monday. We had the RedState Gathering followed by two speeches, etc.

On Wednesday I felt like I had fluid in my ears. On Thursday, clearly something was draining from my ears. Today, I have to hit the brakes. My ear canal is inflamed, hurts, and is draining. Unfortunately, I cannot get on an airplane so I cannot be on TV from New York next week.

I suspect this is God’s way of telling me to rest before my wife kills me. So I’ll be doing radio tonight and then taking, on doctor’s orders, a few days of rest to let medicine do its job and stop the room from spinning. Inner ear mess is both gross and disorienting.

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