Donald Trump Meets The Prosperity Gospel


Well, here we go. Donald Trump has begun his evangelical outreach.

I had heard from a few people that Trump was bypassing those who might be considered traditional leaders within the evangelical movement and heading instead toward TV/Radio religious celebrities. Reid Epstein’s report seems to corroborate that.

Most interesting is that Paula White is arranging the session. She has a history with Trump as, apparently, some sort of spiritual advisor of sorts. She’s deep within the ranks of the prosperity gospel and from the T.D. Jakes line of things. She’s even received an award from Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition.


Honestly though, Trump has done well with talk radio and Christian talk radio is more grassrootsy than political talk radio. If he can break in there, he’ll have a pretty captive audience. But going in with the prosperity gospel probably isn’t going to help matters. The major evangelical voices on radio actually are not in the prosperity gospel and are pretty suspicious of it.

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