“The tapes were heavily edited,” claim supporters of Planned Parenthood. So the unedited tapes were released. “But they were edited,” claim the Planned Parenthood supporters. Never mind that the Center for Medical Progress has released their videos in raw, unedited form.

I am writing, of course, about the series of videos taken undercover at Planned Parenthood facilities around the country. In a well orchestrated release, the Center for Medical Progress has dribbled out videos that show the horrors of what Americans euphemistically call “abortion,” but what is actually killing children, some of whom could live outside the womb.

In one video, a whole child is pulled from a freezer. “It’s a boy,” says a worker. The baby is cut apart and his organs harvested, before the little boy is thrown away. “We get consent of the patients” claim Planned Parenthood workers, though later interviews with former employees and patients suggest otherwise.

In the first two videos, Planned Parenthood workers haggle over the prices of organs from children. One worker callously claims she wants a Lamborghini. Another worker talks about how Planned Parenthood will alter an abortion procedure to try to save valuable organs for harvesting. If a mother can tolerate pain, the killers have a higher likelihood of extracting organs in better shape.

The latest tape shows a little black baby boy born, his heart still beating, as the killers cut open his head and remove his brain. There are, in some of the videos, hands and arms and feet and toes and fingers and eyes. Torn limb from limb, crushed precisely and extracted from their mothers. The children are treated as spare parts for experimentation.

Are we this cruel a people? This evil? There are those even now, with unedited tapes released, making excuses. They claim the children could not survive outside the womb, but some of the children were within weeks of birth and were viable. They claim the children could feel nothing, but tell that to the child whose heart was beating as his head was cut open. Tell that to the 20-week old child with a developed nervous system who can, in fact, feel pain.

Many of the people turning a blind eye would be outraged if these children were, instead, puppies. This is what devaluing human life has left us with — treating children as commodities to be carved up for research with no guilt and anger directed at those who would expose the evil.

Joseph Mengele was a German SS officer and doctor at Auschwitz during World War II. He experimented on humans and selected individuals for death in gas chambers. He was a monster claiming he was doing work for the sake of humanity. His medical experimentation was, according to him, for the greater good. Mengele was notorious for experimentation on twins. He would harvest their organs after death. Sometimes he would amputate limbs from one twin or give a twin typhoid. If one died, the other was killed.

Mengele experimented on pregnant women and often, after experimentation, would send them off to the gas chamber to be disposed of. He showed no remorse. If he were an American, he could have gotten a job at Planned Parenthood, given his existing skills in organ extractions from children. In fact, when Mengele died in hiding after World War II, he had opened a medical practice in South America where he specialized in abortions. Now of course, American taxpayers fund an organization that does some of what Mengele did and it gets called a woman’s right.

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