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I have mentioned, while filling in for Rush Limbaugh, that Christy and I like to grow our own vegetables and cook. I grow okra, onion, and bell peppers for gumbo. We also grow herbs and jalapeños for salsa and other cooking. It’s really not that hard and if you do it right, you are not constantly pulling weeds.

In any event, a listener from one of my fill-in shows sent me this book. Her daughter authored, hand illustrated, and designed it. And it is really an awesome book — just delightful. The book is Homewgrown: Illustrated Bites From Your Garden to Your Table.

It is both a cookbook with some great recipes and also a gardening book on how to prepare the soil and grow the fruits and vegetables. It breaks everything down by season.

Christy and I are not gardening gurus. This book makes it easy. It also provides some really great recipes to try out. From kale to spinach to tomatoes to blueberries to raspberries, it is a competent book for novice gardeners and regular cooks.

The illustrations make the book unique. There are no “food porn” pictures. Everything is tastefully and creatively drawn. It is visually appealing. But the instructions, advice, and recipes are easy to follow and mouth watering.

You can order a copy here from Amazon.com.

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