Even When You Think You Are Right


When I was a political consultant, I gave all my candidates a speech I now often find myself giving my radio listeners. the nutshell is this: Even when you think you’re right, know when you are in the minority.

Often times, candidates get an idea in their head and they are convinced they are right. But the majority disagrees with them. They have two weigh how to convince the majority and also weigh whether they are willing to lose because of the righteousness of their cause.

It is not always an easy answer.

This brings me to Democrats. I realize, because I am a partisan, this will fall on deaf ears. But Democrats who think they are right on the issue of abortion are ignoring where the public is on the matter of late term abortion and the impact the Planned Parenthood videos will have.

Democrats are convinced that the public would react badly if Barack Obama designs a government shutdown in order to keep funding Planned Parenthood. Republicans are going to prohibit funding Planned Parenthood. President Obama may very well veto it. Doing so would cause a shutdown and the Democrats think the GOP will get the blame — a blame that did not impact them in 2014 after a 2013 shut down.

And here now is the issue for Democrats who think they are right.

Democratic consultants actually know the Center for Medical Progress tapes are not doctored or edited. They know that Planned Parenthood has been caught. They know they’ve talked about selling livers, brains, hearts, lungs, eyeballs, etc. Now we know that Planned Parenthood has admitted that occasionally children are born and then killed.

StemExpress is now in a potentially legally damaging situation of having received whole children who are then carved up — potentially putting them in violation of the born alive infant protection act.

Democrats can scoff at this. They can turn their head and deny it. But a majority of Americans already support ending late term abortions. A majority of Americans oppose the idea of giving birth to live children then killing them.

If the Democrats force a shutdown fight over Planned Parenthood, they will guarantee even more coverage of Planned Parenthood. They may think they are right, but they have to assess whether they can shape the majority when confronted by the videos.

Republicans will have to do the same. The difference is that polling on this issue, from various pollsters and from various media outlets, all suggest the majority of Americans would be really horrified to learn the Democrats would want tax payer dollars funding an organization harvesting the organs of human beings, dead or alive.

Even when you think you are right, you have know when you are in the minority.

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