I need you guys to do something.

I need you to pick up your phone and call Congressman Mark Meadows at (202) 225-6401.

Tell him thank you.

Congressman Mark Meadows is being punished by House Republican Leaders. I intend to have him on my radio show tonight to thank Congressman Meadows personally.

The Congressman was a subcommittee chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. But Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R, UT), in the role of leadership lapdog, stripped Congressman Meadows of that subcommittee chairmanship.

The reason for the punishment is that Congressman Meadows stood with 30 other Republicans and voted against the rule to bring the trade legislation to the floor of the House. They did so as a signal to John Boehner that he needs to stop conspiring with Nancy Pelosi and ignoring conservatives in the House.

The defiance of the approximately 30 congressmen forced Democrats to stand with John Boehner and outed some of the Democrats as hypocrites.

For doing this, Mark Meadows is being punished. He stood with conservatives. He defied Speaker Boehner. We need to make sure he has our thanks.

You can contribute to Congressman Meadows right here. Let him know we have his back because he has our back.

Then, if you are so inclined, called Rep. Jason Chaffetz at (202) 225-7751 and tell him we will not forget he betrayed conservatives and acted as John Boehner’s lap dog.