Common Core Math Becomes a Campaign Issue


Republicans in Georgia, prior to ending their 2015 legislative session, did three things. First, the passed a billion dollar tax increase. Second, they refused to protect religious liberty. Third, they punted on fixing common core.

Now they are dealing with all three as campaign issues.

The Republican Establishment that hates its base, won’t protect their religious liberty, and wants them to pay new taxes, decided to try to coronate a candidate in Forsyth County, Georgia. The incumbent, who told his fellow members of the Georgia General Assembly that he’d gladly let the voters hold him accountable, bailed on the legislature so that the voters could not.

Then he hand picked a successor and the establishment lined up for the guy, whose name is Ethan Underwood.

I endorsed conservative David Van Sant. Van Sant is not just willing to go on the offense against the GOP establishment for a billion dollar tax increase and a failure to defend religious liberty. Van Sant has small kids who are suffering the effects of common core in education.

In fact, giving you a taste of what is coming nationally, David Van Sant took a common core math problem and turned it into a campaign mail piece.

It’s pretty self-explanatory and it has galvanized the race. Van Sant, according to polling favorable to Underwood, has moved into second place with Underwood dropping like a rock into third place.

This is only the beginning of the conservative attack on common core. David Van Sant is a trend setter in that regard.

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