The Georgia Republicans collaborated with the Georgia Democrats to fill the religious liberty legislation in the state in exchange for a billion dollar tax increase. The Republicans needed the Democrats to make it happen. Out went RFRA, in came taxes.

Today, Better Georgia, a left-wing group that seeks to help Democrats take over the state, sent out this email:

In just 45 days we’ll all begin paying higher taxes on gas and hotels — thanks to Gov. Deal’s largest tax hike in Georgia history.

Gov. Deal will be known as the Republican who finally admitted defeat on fiscally conservative policies.
With his actions, he proved that conservative rhetoric simply doesn’t work.

The bad part is that tax-and-spend Deal just charged us $1 billion a year for more asphalt — stretching to fund just the bare minimum of what the state needs to keep up with growth.

Even worse, Gov. Deal’s tax hike hits working Georgians hardest. Gov. Deal’s tax plan is designed to tax those who make the least the most.

The tax is paid for in two ways. The gas tax was converted to a fixed excise tax at a higher rate and a $5.00 fee was also added per day to hotel rooms.

So, in exchange for Democrat votes to raise taxes, the Republicans can now thank the Democrats for attacking them. This is what happens when you make deals with people who won’t pee on you if you’re on fire. The GOP raised taxes and now the Democrats are going to attack them for it.

Yes, you can say, “Well the Democrats would have done it too.” You would be right. But they weren’t the ones who did it. The small government, low tax Republicans did it.