Here’s your must read of the day.

Republicans have fallen into a pattern during the Obama presidency.

First, they seize opportunities to draw contrast with Democrats, often provoking conflict in Washington. Once the country’s attention has been turned to disagreement about the pressing issues of the day, left-leaning media accuse Republicans of fomenting a crisis. Like clockwork, Republicans panic. They step back from legislative confrontation and aim instead to project “responsible” governance, often by working across the aisle on what they bill as major accomplishments.

But a curious thing happens at the end of this cycle. After all the hand-wringing over dysfunction and the self-congratulation about turning a corner, just as Republicans believe things are going well for them politically, President Obama somehow rebounds in the polls.

We see it today.

It gets better. Mike Needham’s point is spot on. Republicans keep making the President look good because they are scared people won’t like them. So people don’t like them.