My TV habits are pretty stuck on the Super Hero genre right now. I find them to be the most interesting shows on television. Arrow, Flash, and Gotham are about it. I need to branch out. I’m trying to get into Game of Thrones, but I think I have to take up weed first so I can be stoned through, well, the stonings and beheadings. It’s just to gruesome for me.

I never got into Agents of SHIELD because it seemed like it didn’t take itself seriously, so why should I. In fact, DC has seemed to do a better job with television on the CW and Marvel has excelled at movies. With the exception of the Batman series, thanks mostly to Christopher Nolan, DC’s movies haven’t been great. Sorry Superman.

Marvel and Netflix teamed up to try to improve Marvel’s TV standings. Starring Charlie Cox, Netflix put the whole series online. I’m three episodes in and quite pleased. It’s a grown up Arrow that, thus far, hasn’t felt the need to make kissy face with popular Hollywood millennial trends like atheism.1 In fact, Matt Murdock, the man behind the Daredevil’s mask, is Catholic.

I’m impressed so far. It’s gritty. There’s a bit of gore. But overall it’s just good story telling. The backstory in the first few episodes with his dad, as Murdock is shown as a kid, played out nicely. Rosario Dawson’s character gives more complexity to the show and more compassion.

I’m only three episodes in, but want to binge watch the rest of the season. Marvel and Netflix are doing a good job and raising the bar.

Now, DC, why don’t you actually bring us Batman episodes instead of making us pretend Arrow is the Dark Knight?

1. In a recent episode of The Flash, the lead character felt compelled to name drop Richard Dawkins and Neil Tyson. Then in Arrow, Felicity had to make an off handed reference that she doesn’t believe in prayer.

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