They Gutted the Beer Jobs Bill


The Senate Regulated Industries Committee in Georgia has gutted S.B.63, the beer jobs bill. Breweries will continue to be prohibited from making direct sales to customers. Now, you’ll have to buy a tour and, in the price, be able to pay extra for no more than 64oz. of beer in a single container.

This is ridiculous. So many of these guys got major contributions from beer wholesalers and they are listening to them and not the voters.

Clearly we need a change in tactic. Try these phone numbers. They are their in-district office numbers. They won’t listen at the Capitol. Make them listen in their offices back home.

Tell them how angry you are that they gutted S.B.63. And then go find someone to challenge them in a primary.


District Number

Rick Jeffares

(678) 432-7676

Frank Ginn

(706) 680-4466

Joshua McKoon

(706) 442-9130

Ed Harbison

(404) 656-0074

David Shafer

(404) 497-0048

Renee Unterman

(404) 463-1368

Brandon Beach

(678) 640-1811

Bill Cowsert

(706) 543-7700

Steve Gooch

(404) 656-9221

Steve Henson

(404) 243-5107

Jack Hill

(912) 557-3811

David Lucas

(478) 254-7600

Butch Miller

(678) 989-5301

Jeff Mullis

(706) 375-1776

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