That is the prevailing theme shaping up for Hillary Clinton. She thinks herself above the law and above the rules. She thinks she gets her own rules book that is customized for her.

Having set up a private email server in her home and picked for herself which emails she will release to the State Department, now comes word that she fired an ambassador for using private emails.

That is hypocrisy in the first order. People recognize that. And they don’t like that. More here from the Weekly Standard.

Again and again the Clintons try to duck the rules everyone else is forced to live under. They exempt and excuse themselves and then turn to spin artists to claim “everybody else does it.” That’s what my kid does when he gets in trouble. Everybody else is doing it so somehow he should be excused. No. He gets spanked because he is supposed to follow the rules regardless of what everybody else does.

But, as Dave Weigel notes, a lot of Democrats will give the Clintons a pass on this and claim they’re just being persecuted in a political vendetta.

It is another reason why people are so cynical about American politics. The rules do not apply to the elites. David Petraeus gets off with a wrist slap and Hillary Clinton gets her own play book.

We are a nation of men, not laws.