I was perusing the Georgia Republican Party donors this weekend. I found the names of several people I go to church with.

On Sunday, before Sunday School, I had a conversation with a few of them.

They had no idea the leaders in the Republican Party are trying to raise taxes. They likewise had no idea the GOP was trying to gut the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. They had not a single clue on any of it.

I looking at the Georgia GOP’s donations, there are lots of senior citizens listed as “retired” giving what they can to fight for freedom under the rubric of the Republican Party in Georgia. I wonder if Mr. Allen, who gave a few hundred dollars, knows the leadership of his party wants to increase his taxes.

I wonder if Mrs. Toole down in south Georgia knows the House GOP leadership is perfectly find forcing a Christian to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Mrs. Toole is a retiree. She, like Mr. Allen, contributed what she could.

I have no idea if they know what the party is doing to their values and income in Atlanta. I suspect that they, like so many of my listeners, have no idea. More and more I think the base of the party needs to educate the donors of the party.

If people pull back their donations from the Georgia GOP because the elected officials in the party want Christians to bake cakes for homosexual weddings and wants to raise their taxes, the party will be forced to respond. If they go for more corporate donors, well then corporations are even more easily connected to online.

Either way, I really wonder if Republicans need to do a better job educating each other on what their party is up to when no one is looking.